True Grit Ministries wants to serve you and your church by:

01  Helping you and your church

We want to help you face these issues of sexual addiction in your church and find hope and healing.

02  Seeing lives saved and families healed

Sexual impurity has devastating impact on marriages and families. This continues and brings destruction in your church. Healing is possible.

03  We can work with you and your church leaders

We will work with you and your  church leadership by forming a trusting relationship. We can work together to help restore the lives of many wonderful people and families affected by this addiction to pornography and sexual impurity.

04  Serving your church with a workshop event

Our workshop called “Protecting your family from sexual impurity”, and is specifically designed for the men in your church. We will educate and motivate and lay down a biblical track to fight this battle. These sessions will be a breakthrough for the men and families you care for and pastor.

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