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Men everywhere are getting freedom through True Grit Ministries. Listen to their stories.
It doesn't matter where you are, freedom is an online session away, for privacy and ease.

I had a pornography addiction. Scott taught me how to overcome my addiction. Taught a 12 step program with a Christian foundation. Changed my life and marriage.


in 2016

Experiencing freedom from sexual addiction has been an ongoing struggle for many years. I needed some help because what I was doing was not working. Scott’s insight into sexual sin led me to see things so differently. He helped me receive grace instead of shaming myself for the thoughts I had. Today my fight is second nature and purity is always one prayer away. Thank you so much Scott.


in 2017

My struggle with pornography was destroying my life. I had tried everything. A friend of mine referred me to True Grit Ministries and Scott McLellan. Scott was the man God would use to finally give me the freedom I had prayed for. I learned where my addiction came from and how it worked. Scott’s experience and support was what I needed to see how God could change my life. I thank God for True Grit Ministries.


in 2019

I came to know Scott and True Grit Ministries in the middle of the pandemic so all of our time was over the phone, which really seemed to work well for me. Scott really helped me to understand I was not in this battle with pornography and sexual perversion alone. Many other Christian brothers have the same fight. Most of all, he helped me to see that God had not abandoned me, but has supplied tools throughout the scriptures to help me overcome. I would love to say that I’m totally cured and never think of those things again, however it is much like being an alcoholic. Temptation is always there, and it’s up to me to use the tools that Scott helped me find, that God has supplied for us.


in 2020

I have been battling sex addiction for years using various resources with varying degrees of success. I was led to Scott and True Grit Ministries. Scott brought a personal and deeply spiritual aspect to my arsenal of weapons against this terrible foe. I feel that he has given me a huge boost in being able to understand and control my addiction. I would recommend Scott and his ministry, with no reservations, to anyone.


in 2021